Devops Australia

We support the teams who run devopsdays conferences in Australia.

We help bootstrap devopsdays events

We exist for two reasons

  1. To lower the barrier of entry for running a devopsdays conference in Australia.
  2. Provide continuity between organising teams

Devops Australia provides:

  1. Seed funding to pay deposits
  2. Event insurance
  3. A template budget
  4. Template sponsorship packages
  5. Coaching and support for organising teams

We have supported devopsdays events in Australia since 2014

These events include:

We need your help to run devopsdays events

You should volunteer to organise and run a devopsdays because:

  1. It looks good on your resume
  2. You’ll exercise a different set of skills
  3. It’s an opportunity to give back to the community

You just need to bring yourself (or even better, a team).

We’ll help you with budget, venue, date, and sponsors.

To volunteer, email us at

The boring bits

Devops Australia is an incorporated association registered in Victoria, Australia.

Our ABN is 35 167 927 157.

We don’t run for profit, and are a team of five volunteers.